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Therapy Bench - Large

Therapy Bench - Large

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TheraPly therapy benches are available in three sizes. This is the large bench. 
The TheraPly Therapy Benches play a significant part in helping children to progress from floor-based therapy to kneeling and from kneeling through to standing. Wider benches provide sufficient surface area for a child to support themselves, where capable. 
The Extra Large Therapy Bench from TheraPly has been designed to serve as a multi-functional piece of furniture for a physio gym, home or classroom. For children of primary school age, the Extra Large Therapy Bench; compliments our small and large therapy benches and can be used by Physiotherapists and children alike. It can be used for sitting or as a soft top table. For secondary school aged children it can be used as a level or angled seat to support sitting and standing training.

Safe and reliable
Originally designed by Quest® 88 Limited, these benches have been used across hospitals, physiotherapy gyms, homes and classrooms for decades, assisting thousands with their physio journey.
TheraPly have always manufactured these benches and with the closure of Quest® 88 Limited in October 2022, TheraPly have continued to manufacture these to the same high quality and specification. TheraPly are now retailing these directly.

TheraPly Therapy Bench fabrics, foams and adhesives have been tested in combination and conform to BS5852 Crib 5. The covers can be easily cleaned, whilst the upholstery has been carefully designed to offer superb levels of comfort and support.

The surface fabric has a slip-resistant quality making it ideal for children who use dynamic splints. TheraPly uses child-friendly lacquers for a perfect finish and high-grade plywood for strength and durability. 
These benches have CE and UKCA certification.

 **Lead time - each bench is upholstered to order. For the colours we have in stock, this could take up to 5 working days until they are ready to be dispatched. If you have any urgency for your bench, please contact us via and we will advise on the lead time or whether other colours can be dispatched quicker** 

Occasionally specifications and colours may vary. To avoid disappointment, please contact our sales team for the most recent product information. TheraPly reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice. 
Therapy Bench - Small Class 1 Medical Device registered with the MHRA Therapy Bench - Small Class 1 Medical Device registered with the MHRA
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