How do TheraPly Therapy Benches Help? Including our top 3 reasons to choose TheraPly

Therapy Bench - Small - Yellow - Quest 88

What are TheraPly Therapy Benches?

TheraPly Therapy Benches are versatile adjustable physiotherapy benches, designed to aid physiotherapy sessions. These benches are specifically crafted with a wide range of adjustability for height and angle. This makes them an diverse tool for physiotherapy 

How do TheraPly Therapy Benches help?

TheraPly Therapy Benches are designed to directly with physiotherapy exercises to improve sitting, assist sit-to-stand and provide support during cruising. They add comfort and assistance to posture during physiotherapy games and activities. Furthermore, they can be used as a simple sitting aid or as a table for activities in the physio gym, or at home.

These benches facilitate and enhance physiotherapy sessions and physio routines at home whilst being comfortable and stylish with a wide range of colours available. 

Why opt for TheraPly Therapy Benches? Here are three compelling reasons.

1. Superior Comfort: TheraPly Therapy Benches are crafted using high-quality materials and foams that provide exceptional comfort and support. Say goodbye to uncomfortable therapy sessions! Our fabrics, foams and adhesives have been tested in combination and conform to BS5852 Crib 5. The covers can be easily cleaned, whilst the upholstery has been carefully designed to offer superb levels of comfort and support.

Comfortable Physiotherapy Benches Small and Large

2. Advanced Adjustment: TheraPly Therapy Benches have advanced height and angle adjustment. They provide a wider range of combined height and angle adjustment compared to other benches as they can be adjusted to more than just a simple 'one-step' angle adjustment, allowing for greater versatility and a broader range of use by physiotherapists during exercises.

Physiotherapy Benches with Advanced Height and Angle Adjustment

3. Diverse Design: TheraPly Therapy Benches were designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. We know space at both home and in physio gyms is at a premium and that is why our benches can be used for much more than you first imagine. With no bar across the underneath of our benches, this allows them to be used as a soft table for activities and physio exercises (over a child sat with their legs out). The soft and comfortable upholstered top is great to for assisted cruising too!




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